Luxury Garden is a florist studio dedicated to create floral arrangements that will last in the memory of the people who receive them. Glamour, classic, and modern designs are the inspiration. Creativity and passion for the flower makes their work a little more than a box/vase with flowers. Our arrangements are carefully made, which embody a special message in itself. Also, we offer traditional floral designs and we  always looking to  add our magic touch of elegance.

We offer wedding floral services for different level of discerning clients looking for a unique and sophisticated experience. Also, full funeral floral services is available.

Rancel Hernandez & Wellington Giraldo are the owners of LUXURY GARDEN FLORAL STUDIO. Rancel Hernandez is a young entrepreneur, full of dreams and talents. His great passion for the art of creating, makes his work, a contribution to the world of art. His event planner and interior design knowledge help him to create a different experience for ours clients. His greatest satisfaction  is being able to influence people in positive way with his work. " It's a gift from God, be able to touch people feelings  with emotions of joy/happiness" Rancel Hernandez. , said.

Wellington Giraldo is a young man full of dreams just as Rancel, both of them from early age inclined toward the art of creating. Giraldo has an academic background, having attended  several art school such as the prestigious art school in the Dominican Republic Alto De Chavon Art School. 

Our mission is to provide the best, a different concept, within reach, to all those people who love this magical world of flowers and design.